OnlyTik Review:

Today, we don’t only have a physical life but a virtual life (social media life) as well. Everyone nowadays is familiar to social media platforms and almost everyone uses. Likewise the other platforms the developers have introduced us to another social media platform named OnlyTik. It is an excellent option if you want to create short videos and reels, this app is an excellent option for you. This app is a modified version of Tiktok and is specially designed for the age group above 18 years old. So why OnlyTik? You may know that everyone can create account on Tiktok, and the content we watch is mixed up. But, this app is not made for the people under 18 years so the users looking for an adult platform can get unlimited entertainment from this app. Consequently, you can also try another terrific versions of the Body iWantu and Douyin18 with similar functions.

Features of OnlyTik:

Here is the main part. In this part we will discuss some features of this app, when it comes to the features there are a plenty of features this app offers to the users. However, below are some features written down so don’t skip if you want to know more about OnlyTik APK for android.

High quality:

This app provides an interface and resolution with a higher quality, the users can create and watch the content in a higher quality.


This app is only suitable for people of higher ages, you can upload anything here. You can get fame by uploading content and earn millions of views and followers.


This feature of hashtags will help you in popularizing your videos. Everyone connecting to your hashtag can watch your content.

Registering and signing in:

The procedure of signing in is so simple and easy, you can sign in through your email, Facebook or phone number. It will be possible when you are not under 18 years.

Upgrading tools:

This app comes up with many tools which will help you to create content. You can try some new filters, styles and other. Using these tools your content will go trending.


This app is free from the unwanted ads and you will be allowed to watch content without any disturbance.

Key features:

  • Free to download.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Watch content free of cost.
  • Small in size app.
  • Like, comment, share.
  • Powerful servers help to enjoy without buffering.

What’s new:

  • Made for 18+ people.
  • No subscription.
  • Add filters, effects and drawings.
  • Not available in various regions.
  • Scroll short videos like tiktok.
  • No ads.

How to download OnlyTik App?

In this part, we have given you a step by step and a complete guide for the downloading and installing of OnlyTik APK. It is a fully functional and working procedure if you want a fully functional downloading and installing follow the steps written below. Let’s move towards the procedure without wasting time.

  1. On this page a DOWNLOAD button will appear in front of you click on it and the downloading will begin.
  2. Now wait till it finishes.
  3. When it completes find the downloaded APK file on your device and install it.
  4. When the installation completes the icon will appear on your device. Click on it and there you go!


From the above writing it is concluded that this app is suitable for the adults (18+ people). If you are 18+ and looking for something more entertaining, your search ends here. Download OnlyTik APK for free now, sit somewhere and enjoy the unlimited content.

Additional Details

March 23, 2024